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Stronger Together

Small-group fitness sessions incorporate bodyweight exercises along with medicine balls, slam balls, kettlebells, sandbags, and more. All exercises have regressions and progressions to accommodate all levels of fitness and ages. No loud music, no large groups, progress at your pace.

Spaces are limited to ensure quality instruction and safety. Book early to reserve your spot. Best for general fitness, weight-loss, and well-being.


"If I'm doing it, you're doing it!"

Get fit with your partner, friend or neighbour. Customised fitness sessions for your shared goals whether it's losing weight, training for a race, or an upcoming wedding. Your choice of location, day and time.

Best for those who like working out together.



Just the plan

It's 1 January. Like everyone else resolved to get fit in the new year, you head to the local gym, but unlike everyone else, this time you have a bespoke fitness plan. One based on your current fitness and customised for your goals. This year, you will crush them!


Best for those who know how to use gym equipment but need a periodised plan allowing for holidays away, competition, and recovery.


A Fitter, Healthier You

Not every person has the same history, experience or goals, therefore, shouldn't you have your own customised programme?


Bespoke Personal Training for your goals with expert advice and instruction. It's your decision to get fitter and healthier, it's our job to give you the roadmap and help you on your way.


Your choice of location, day and time. Best for those who prefer private training. First session FREE!


Off-season, pre-season, or in-season

Every team sport has different physical needs requiring different levels of strength, endurance and capabilities. This programme provides periodised, customised strength and conditioning plans aligned with your team's goals and constantly reassessed and modified to ensure each player on the team is on track to meet or exceed the goals of the coaching management. 


Move Well. Move Often.

Movement quality, independence, and proficiency are the key components in preventing injury during training for sport, whether in the gym, on the pitch or court, or out on the road. Understanding where your body is "stuck" is essential for effectively and efficiently unlocking the hidden potential that has yet to be discovered due to underlying movement limitations. Best for athletes, first responders, and sports teams.

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Mike Beddows (ACE, FMS I & II, RKC, Strongfirst, S&C)

  • I'm not a coach who equivocates extraneous, byzantine terminology to expound and elucidate perspicuous data. 

  • I'm not a Drill Sergeant who RANTS, RAVES, and SCREAMS IN YOUR EAR!

  • If you want a strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer with those sensibilities, I am not your man. 

However ...


  • If you want a coach who will work with you to meet your goals, to create a customised fitness plan just for you that is assessed and revised as "life happens" … I am your coach.

  • If you want a former US Marine who has trained other military and first responders to an elite level of fighting fitness … I am your instructor.

  • If you want a fitness trainer who has experienced ultramarathons, multi-day marathons, hot marathons, cold marathons, half-marathons, 10k's, 5k's, cross-country races, fell races, track races (indoor and outdoor), obstacle-course races, rucking "over hill and dale", competed in martial-art and fencing tournaments, played (and coached) a variety of underage and adult-age team sports, competed in Strongman/woman competitions, cycled century rides, weight-lifted, power-lifted, and done kettlebell and girevoy sport … I am your trainer.

I work with all age groups and training experience in the pursuit of making the science behind Strength and Conditioning accessible to everyone, not just athletes. After all, Strength is a journey we all take at some point but it helps to have a roadmap.

PLEASE NOTE! Side effects of Strength training may include: improved posture, rested sleep, increased bone density, boosted metabolism, higher energy levels, lowering inflammation, staving off chronic disease, defined muscles, better clothing-fit, and more. (Side effects will dissipate if training consistency is not maintained.)

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Get in touch and start your strength journey today.

087 451 7579

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